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For the last 26months I have been working for Ministry of Sound Head of Internet Production. This experience has allowed me to develop my creative and production management skills. I presently manage a team of 6 creatives and clientside technical people. I met some great personal goals whilst with the company perhaps culminating last year when the site won the NewMedia Age award for best entertainment website.  
Previous to joining Ministry of Sound I was working for where I instigated the development of their internal multimedia department. Developing Flash content areas for the Agency website portfolio.  
Previous to this role I was responsible for sitebuilding.  
Other projects have included and the infamous for which I developed the flash navigation bar, alongside further Flash animation contracts for Hoop/Paneris.  
I am the founder and owner of the site located @ which is positioned as the webs leading resource for custom CD creation. New sites coming soon include and  
I feel that I would be best suited to the role of production management of media orientated websites, where the role might involve a handson approach to creativity.  
I have a thorough knowledge of Digital Distribution and the options available to online music distributors.  
Any questions then let me know. 

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Nic Ranshaw


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