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My most useful service is possibly the processing of HTML and XML during system upgrades or to extract useful content. An example is the work I did on the Sundayta iDocSys project, processing the HTML output of an OCR system.  
I am following the latest developments in standard tools such as XSLT, but offer added value where such tools are not ideal e.g. old style HTML, inconsistent formatting or even formats completely unrelated to web publishing. For this I rely heavily on my experience with parsers and my background in mathematics and information theory. In the Sundayta case my awareness of statistics proved useful.  
I am also interested in documentation and planning systems and software development processes. With regard to PanEris, my mission is to develop a system for commercially successful, remote software development with minimum politics.  
In the first decade of my career I sought varied business and IT development experience. Consequently I can fill project skill gaps and offer a broad perspective.  
I now specialise in Java and Linux. I have little experience of proprietary Microsoft tools. I have gained more than sufficient knowledge of database systems, server systems and operating systems given the existence of other specialists. While getting up to speed with PanEris technolgy, I focused my efforts on a progressive toolset. 

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