Most of our work is fixed rate, although some is calculated on an hourly basis. In either case the money is distributed in the following way:

  • 80% goes to the developer

  • 10% goes to the project leader as their "management fee"

  • 10% goes to the person who secured the job for Paneris as a "finder's fee"

Management Fee

The Management Fee is intended to cover the project leaders duties such as

  • Creation and maintenance of Paneris and PMS data

  • Customer management/liason

  • Administration

In some cases this fee will be waived by the project leader, mainly for the good of Paneris as a whole.

Finders Fee

The finders fee is envisaged as a sales incentive, for members of Paneris (or partners of Paneris) to sell the work of other members.

There are cases when the Finder's Fee cannot be paid, for instance a member of Paneris contracting Paneris to work for the member's company. In this case there are a number of alternative uses for this money, for instance the Paneris fund.

Current Rates

We currently charge ?50 per hour. This means that a developer can expect to earn ?40 per hour, ?5 per hour goes to the finder and ?5 to the project leader.

Other Rates

Many projects are fixed price, in which case the hourly rate will be calculated by the project leader. A good scheme is to divide the fee by the total number of hours worked.

Another approach is to say that each person working on a project will effectively take on their part of the work at a fixed price. This has the advantage that gifted workers will be rewarded for their talents.


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