Paneris Organisation

There are a number of groups involved in any project, and therefore involved in Paneris in some way. These are:

  1. Members of Paneris. Members of Paneris are free to brand their work under the paneris banner and exploit the resources available. Members of Paneris must use the Paneris systems when working with other Paneris Members, Partners and Customers. Members of Paneris are expected to behave ethically and for the good of the community

  2. Paneris Partners. Paneris Partners use the resources of Paneris by interacting with a Paneris Member (typically a Core Member). Partners will be encouraged to use the Paneris tools, but it is understood that they will often have their own agenda.

  3. End Clients. These are the people for whom we build systems. They interact with one of the above.

A diagram, with examples of the entities involved:

Paneris Members

When it comes to organising members of Paneris themselves, things are slightly different.

The Paneris organisation is totally flat, or at least fractal, meaning that there is no fixed hierarchy but rather a collection of equals who take different roles depending on the project or situation.

Everyone has the same functions and roles available to them, but different members specialise in different roles. This approach is effective when communication on a project is open and when the people involved are technically competent.

The roles seem to be:

  • Sales

  • Customer Liason

  • Project Documentation

  • Quality Assurance

  • Graphical Design

  • Functional Design

  • HTML edittting

  • Programming

  • Time recording

  • Invoicing


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