Peter Kehl
Hitchhiking is a perfect experience and adventure. I started hitchhiking for longer trips in about 1996, from Wiener-Neustadt in Austria to Italy. A year before I did it just for a short trip in Greece. Those 2 summers I travelled with my friend, mostly by train. Then he got married and I found another one. We got to Thun, Switzerland, and we made one-week mountain trip there. On the way back we had a hard time near Munich, and then nearby Salzburg. It was raining, we didn't sleep for 40 hours... :!)

One year later we went to Mondsee near Salzburg, Austria to see the Eclipse. It was a nice meeting of hitchhikers and other beer consumers. Very good function. With my sister Mary (in that time 16) I got by ferry from Gdynia, Poland, to Karlskrona, Sweden. We made about five-day trip to Denmark, stayed there with one family - they invited us. Then we saw Arnhem in The Netherlands, Luxembourg City and Bruxelles by night. Then we got in 16 hours from Wasserbillig to Gyor, Hungary, and then by train home.

In summer 2000 I, my sister, 2 cousins we were camping in the west-north of Italy. Then I went with my youngest brother, Joseph(13) by hitchhiking to Mondsee at Salzburg. We made one-week trip in the area. It's really nice there!

In autumn 2000, I got to Ulm, Germany where I did my diploma work. I hitchiked each month to Czech Republic, and then I took nigth train to home. I was quite sucessfull, I caught 2 of 3 trains.

One Israeli Arab and two Jewish girls took 3 Americans and myself from the south of Israel to Dead Sea and then to Jerusalem, day before God Friday, Spring 2001. They were very friendly to each other. We swam, sung and enjoyed ourselves. On Easter Sunday, my friend Roggy and I, we hitchiked from Jerusalem to the south. It took us about 7 hours for 150 km to get to Ein Gedi, a beach at Dead Sea... We slept there and next day we paid for a minibus. That was a hardest hitchhiking day I had ever had. However, it helped us to know each other better.

Thanks to all kind people who gave a lift to me and other hitchhikers.