Peter Kehl

I'm focused on client. His needs and values are those of mine. My products are reusable and well documented. I'm on date. High technology is a must, but nothing more than a tool.

I'm programming in Visual C++/MFC for Junkers Software. Our product is Jurix, a database of Slovak/Czech Laws. I'm developing an internal XML editor and transformation tool from plain text to XML/HTML tables. This involves OOP, MFC API, XML,XSLT,CSS. I perform integration with other modules, share documenation in paralell test/development phases.

Oct-Nov 2002 I worked offsite for 1001 Web Promotions, European/American team. I programmed server-side for Paris Eiffel Tower News. The engine (OOP in PHP) searches for the best connections in Paris' underground. It evaluates and filters various possible paths against multiple obvious and heuristic criterions.

In spring 2002 I telecommuted for David Walker, London. I developed Java GUI-driven database application with OOP logical/DB layer.

Since spring 2002 I worked offsite for Paneris, UK. I designed, developed and tested a middle-layer driver for their complex Java/SQL framework to be used with MySQL. This included Linux, CVS, Tomcat/JServ, Apache configuration, Java OOP, JDBC, MySQL and PostgreSQL.

In 2001 I worked at TextStore, Israeli web and documentation production house. I wrote scripts and edited sites like World Jewish Congress, FANDZ International Law Group, Ben Gurion University of Negev and others.

I used JavaCC and own transformation class Trans to design a translator, my Diploma (Final) Thesis. This methodology and package support team work and several times increase speed and simplicity of development process. It fits for scripting and template engines, macro expanders and format transformers. I created part of it at FH University of Applied Sciences, Ulm, Germany.

I'm usually programming in Java and C++. I do also JavaScripts, Perl and PHP and HTML templates + design in Dreamweaver. I did book typesetting in Adobe Pagemaker, and in LaTeX, a sort of SGML document typing language.

I created Perl scripts to convert Slovak database of dental patients solving Y2K problem.

My little introduction to Java, in Slovak language.